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For frequently asked wuestions about referring a patient, please review our quick reference guide to referring patients to Louisville Physical Medicine below.

Included are the most frequently asked questions regarding the referral of a new patient to our practice. This guide is designed to aid referring physicians as well as patients in navigating the process of referring a patient to our office. This guide was created as a reference tool to help physician offices and patients to know what to expect when making a referral to our office for care. These are the most frequently asked questions we regularly receive from referring physician offices.

  • What is your policy regarding writing pain scripts for newly referred patients+-

    Dr. Williams does not guarantee writing pain prescription(s) for a new patient on the first visit. Our goal is to work together with our referring physicians to coordinate prescription writing to ensure the patient receives pain medications from only one source as mandated by the State of Kentucky.

  • Will the Pain Clinic take over the medical management of pain medications on patients who are referred?+-

    If we accept your patient for treatment, Dr. Williams will evaluate the patient to determine if other treatment options other than medication will alleviate pain. If a referring office would like for our specialists to assume medication management, we’ll request the referring physician to write on a script pad of his/her intention to no longer prescribe narcotic medication for the patient. The note is then kept in the patient’s medical chart.

  • What should a patient do if they have an issue or emergency related to their pain after office hours, during the weekend or on holidays?+-

    Dr. Williams, or a covering physician, will be available. However, if it is an emergency, the patient should go to their nearest emergency room. No prescriptions will be given during hours outside of office hours.

  • What is an “Opioid/Scheduled Drug Agreement?"+-

    All chronic pain clinic patients receiving narcotics from our practice must sign and comply to the conditions detailed in our Opioid/Scheduled Drug Agreement. The Agreement explains in detail what policies and procedures patients on narcotics must comply with in order to participate in our Chronic Opioid Program. Patients who are non-compliant may be subject to dismissal immediate dismissal from the practice depending on the severity of the violation.

  • Will the referring physician’s office be notified when a mutual patient signs an “Opioid Agreement” or if the patient is dismissed from the Pain Clinic?+-

    Yes, a letter will be faxed to the referring physician when a patient is prescribed narcotics and has signed our Opioid Agreement. A certified copy of the dismissal letter with reason for the dismissal is sent to the dismissed patient and a copy of the same letter will be sent to patient’s referring physician office.

  • What happens to a patient who has been dismissed from the Pain Clinic?+-

    The patient is advised to contact either their primary care physician or have the physician who referred them to our office to help them find another provider for their pain management. A copy of the patient’s medical records will be sent at no charge and upon request by the new provider along with a signed medical records release from the patient.

  • What insurances does your office accept?+-

    We accept a wide variety of commercial insurances as well as Medicare, Medicaid and most commercial carriers. However, we DO NOT accept Worker’s Compensation. Please Note: It is the patient’s responsibility to confirm whether or not their insurance plan is accepted at Louisville Physician Medicine. Please call our office if you have a question about a particular insurance. Louisville Physical Medicine is continuously striving to improve service and exceed our referring physicians’ expectations. This guide was created as a reference tool to help physician offices know what to expect when making a referral for consultation to our practice. These are the most frequently asked questions we regularly receive from referring physician offices.

  • When should a patient be referred to a pain management specialist or a physical medicine specialist?+-

    Generally, patients are referred to our office when the patient has been in chronic pain for at least (3) consecutive months or when the patient has had no response or an inadequate response to conservative treatments or they are seeking non-surgical alternatives for their pain.

  • What information should the referring office submit for each patient referred?+-

    We request the last two progress notes related to the pain condition, a medication list, demographic form or face sheet, C-9 Form (for Worker’s Comp), any recent diagnostic test result reports that the patient has completed (MRI, CT, X-Ray, EMG, etc.) as well as any notes from other physicians who treated the patient for pain or for the physical medicine diagnosis.

  • Why do you request all information to be submitted in full before a consultation appointment is scheduled?+-

    Obtaining all the requested information prior to scheduling an appointment for your patient helps expedite the referral process and allows our office to immediately create a treatment plan for a patient who has been in pain for some time.

  • What type of medical conditions do you treat for pain?+-

    We treat a variety of medical conditions that may cause pain including but not limited to: arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, cancer, carpal/tarsal tunnel syndrome, herniated discs, low back pain, migraine headaches, post traumatic pain, Raynaud’s syndrome, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (RSD), shingles, strains/sprains of neck, chest, back, failed back surgery syndrome.

  • Do you treat pain in children?+-

    No, our practice is limited to patients ranging from late adolescence (18 years) through geriatrics.

  • Does the patient need to have an MRI completed prior to getting referred to our office?+-

    It is certainly helpful if the patient has an MRI done before getting referred to us as it helps expedite the treatment process. However, an MRI is not required for referral. During the initial consultation appointment, the specialist will order any diagnostic testing if needed.

  • How long does it take for a patient to obtain an appointment for consultation?+-

    It is our goal to ensure that appointments for your patients are scheduled in a timely manner. Most appointments to see one of our specialists are scheduled within 2 weeks. However, it may be slightly longer, but the patient will always be given the next available appointment. Please note: this time frame may increase or decrease depending on physician schedules and patient volume. Our office schedules appointments in the order the request is received from our referral physicians.

  • What if we have a patient who needs to obtain an appointment immediately?+-

    We fully understand that in some cases you may have a patient(s) who cannot wait that amount of time and need an appointment scheduled as soon as possible. Please know that every effort will be made to accommodate an urgent appointment request. Note: The specialist ultimately decides if the request is an urgent matter. If the physician is unavailable, the patient may be directed to the emergency room or we may suggest another office for referral.

  • Is it true that not every patient referred by our office will be accepted for treatment?+-

    Each referral is closely reviewed and decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. It is the physician who ultimately decides whether or not to accept a patient into our pain management program. Examples of patients who may not be accepted into our program include but not limited to: patients with drug seeking behavior, patients needing detoxification or patients who have been recently discovered to have taken certain illegal drugs.

  • Do patients need to have a physician referral?+-

    Yes, call the our office to make a referral for a patient to be seen. Once we receive your referral information, our Referral Staff will contact your patient to schedule an appointment. Your office will receive confirmation of the date, time the patient will be seen.

  • Why does your office require a consultation?+-

    The specialists require a consultation with a newly referred patient to evaluate and meet each patient in person in order to create an individualized treatment plan that is best suited for that particular patient. This also enables our practice to provide the optimal level of care for each patient.

  • Why does the your office request a lot of background information on a patient for referral?+-

    The information we request is vital and used by the physician for review before and during the consultation appointment. Many times, by the time a patient is referred to our pain specialists, they have undergone a variety treatments or have seen other specialists to help manage their pain. The information that we request helps the physician to give a “snapshot” of what the patient has had done for their pain.

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